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Who We Are

       With a multidisciplinary and interconnected team, composed of the best specialists in the market, Davos arrives in Brazil with pride and energy, representing a new and modern force in the Mineral Analysis, Extraction and Exportation markets.  


       Through our indomitable tenacity, pioneering spirit and focus on the best and most advanced extraction techniques and technologies, we operate in an innovative and effective way, ensuring the greatest efficiency of our resources, the least impact on the environment and, finally, remarkable and imposing results.

Our Commitment

     We at Davos have a unique perception of our performance as a company, having a renewed, modern and direct focus in our efforts to ensure that our operations respect the ethical and moral demands we impose on ourselves, as well as the expectations coming from local communities and the global society, while at the same time, ensuring the greatest effectiveness, efficiency and reliability of our services within these confines.

     Through introspective focus, we bear in mind the responsibility we carry to ensure that our operations will not adversely affect the future of our planet, and of the local biosphere and communities, both during the extraction process as well as in the decades after the completion of a project.


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